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Organic Snacks

Purple Corn Chips

This snack is outstanding in every way. You have the corn from the purple corn full of powerfull anthocyanin to boost both senses and body. We offer three variations reflecting both the peruvian agriculture and modern taste. Q-Organic is introducing these snacks on the european market as exclusive distributor.

Crispy purple corn chips. With quinoa, 

sesame seeds, and a hint of sea salt


Simply a power snack!


We add whole grain quinoa and chia to the power of purple corn to bake a delicious and healthy treat that takes the guilt out of snacking.

Crispy purple corn chips.

With peruvian chillies


Twist for the adventurous


The slightly nutty flavour of our purple corn pairs wonderfully with the exotic mix of Peruvian chillies.

Snacking is a way to satisfy your senses.

Crispy purple corn chips.

With cracked pepper and sea salt


Deliciously healthy and slightly spicy


Made with only natural ingredients in small batches.

Try them with you favorite sauce or dip. you will feel uplifted!

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