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Gluten-Free, High-Protein and Vegan


Quinoa was the main food in the Inca Empire around 1200 AD. Today the popularity has skyrocketed worldwide because of the awareness of the immense nutritious value. No wonder it is considered the world´s most healthy grain. Q-Organic presents a broad variety of high quality basic grains as well as innovative products that can boost your lifestyle during the day. Suitable for elderly, children and people seeking for an overall healthy lifestyle.  Recommended for LCHF-diet, Low FODMAP and Paleo diet

Whole Quinoa


White, red, black or tricolor


The taste of cooked quinoa is mild, though characteristic. The coloured variants have a little stronger taste, perfect for salads. Cooked quinoa can be use in  baking bread as well as in cakes.

Quinoa Flakes and Flour


A great alternative for a gluten free diet


Enjoy quinoa flakes in your breakfast or as quinoa flour as a great gluten free alternative for baking. Add a new twist to your baking recipes. Mixes perfectly with other cereal flours. Ideal for: muffins, brownies, pizza and more.

Extruded Quinoa


Let your fantasy free!


Ask for our variety of 100% extruded quinoa, or quinoa with rice, with cacao, or fruits.

extruded quinoa.jpg
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