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Single Estate Organic Raw

Satipo Criollo Cocoa

Single estate cocoa from Satipo in the center of Peru. The beans are grown in the jungle between 1300 and 1900 meters above the sea.

We offer whole beans, powder and nibs in two variations.

Satipo cocoa powder

Mild, sweet and tastefull


Milled at low temperature to protect the flavor nutrients. Criollo beans means one of the finest qualities in the world.

Used in drinks, snacks, proteinbars, smoothies etc.

Satipo cocoa beans


This is the real thing!


Whole beans is a crunchy mouthfull of taste and antioxidants.The finest criollo cacao beans are naturally fermented  to remove bitterness creating a smooth, rich chocolate flavor and then desinfected.

Satipo cocoa nibs


Aromatic with a fantastic smell


These fine nibs you can use for almost everyting. The criollo taste is intact, sweet and slightly bitter.Use them for almost everything:  On muesli, cakes, fruitsalads, in proteinbars, as a delicious snack etc.

Satipo cocoa nibs w. yacon


Incredible delicious nibs


Discover how yacon and cocoa mass can turn the nibs into a heavenly

experience. Yacon is a healthy, nutritious sweetly tasting root, and has a very low impact on your blood sugar.

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