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Q stands for Quality

In Q-Organic we work and collaborate in a trustworthy and innovate way.


Q-Organic is dedicated to select the finest organic products directly from the farmers in Peru and we work only with small batches. For you as a business partner it means lower risk and fresh food with a longer shelf life.


We support the development of the farmers, producers and distributors in Peru by partnering directly with the producers of quality coffee, cacao, chips and superfoods. We just love to work with companies that emphasizes protecting the world´s ressources, and we focus on fair partner relations.


Peru is an agricultural jewel with a wealth of unique foods of outstanding qualities. Each region has its characteristic climate which is empowering the foods with different tastes. In Q-Organic we want to open the doors for you to have the outstanding opportunity to explore one of the best coffees in the world along with tasty tropical juices and superfoods as quinoa, kaniwa or maca packed with valuable nutritionals.


Q-Organic has its own product lines to meet the needs of businesspartners and end customers. We are specialized in individually designed solutions that works for you.


We care for People


Q-Organic promote and provide only safe and rich nutritional products to consumers. We do so by keeping a sustainable supply chain, which supports the wellbeing of our main stakeholders, from the small farmers and workers there to the end consumers. This means regular visits at the farms and being in close contact. It means checking the technical specifications and working with transparancy in every step. Our product certifications are part of this work too. We thrive with our constant focus on social responsibility and security.


We care for Nature


Our firm sticks to its principles by selling only products that are produced under circumstances that respects and preserves nature. Pure, clean food that support and sustain your body and nature. We are happy to work with farms that operates with diversity as a way of keeping a sustainable agriculture. A good example of this is juice, which are grown as fruits of shadowtrees in the coffee farms. A traditional way of keeping the right variations in humidity and temperature, which keeps the coffee beans healthy, and at the same time it sustains the entire biodiversity and means surviving of many more animal- and plants pecies. In Q-Organic we get a lot of important concrete knowledge about sustainable farming directly from our producers.


We care for your Business


We are always innovative in looking for solutions that will meet the need and strategic goals of your firm. We are flexible and offer different business options including our own brands and private label. We love to find the right answer to your challenge. This means that our end users and business partneres influence our choices and innovation directly. Our products follows several international certifications, which ensures customer satisfaction and trust. Remember: Being and acting ecological can be an important tactical and strategic step for your business. 




Our work


Colaboración, Trustworthy and innovation 



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 What we care for
We care for peole
We care for Nature
We care for your business
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